English @ Adams State

If you love to read or write fiction, poetry or essays - if you enjoy the challenge of putting your thoughts and ideas into writing - then one of these English majors is made for you.

It will be the beginning of a lifetime in the company of the world's greatest writers and thinkers. Our expert faculty will be there to help you enter that world!

Our program features:

  • Excellent teaching faculty
  • Small classes
  • Personalized attention

You can choose one of four degree programs

English with an emphasis in Liberal Arts

A basic liberal education that can open doors in business, government, and more specialized fields such as public relations and advertising.

English with an emphasis in Secondary Education

Prepares students to teach high school. English teachers are in high demand and ASU graduates have been placed throughout the U.S.

English with an emphasis in Creative Writing

Explore your creativity while learning to write for many audiences in many different genres.

English with an emphasis in:

Enter the world of print journalism, broadcasting, video production or online publication.

Hear from our English students

What can I do with a degree in English?

English is a versatile major. It stresses the crucial skills of writing, reading, and speaking, and it prepares students for a wide variety of careers:

  • Secondary teaching in English
  • Print and broadcast journalism
  • Public relations
  • Law school
  • Author
  • Graduate school in English