Women's Studies Minor

The minor in women's studies is an interdisciplinary program designed to examine the position of women in culture and society, to integrate a new understanding of women into traditional academic fields, and to heighten the student's awareness of the range of human experience, potential, and accomplishment.

Other related courses in consultation with the women's studies advisor may be substituted.

For more info contact:

  • Dr. Carol Guerrero-Murphy
  • 719-587-7386

We're proud of our students.  Here's what they've learned at ASU:

 stephanie savage

Stephanie Savage

Is a bio-chemistry major. She loves the STEM Center. "Not only do the professors pass along their knowledge, but they pass along their passion for the subject - it help you remember."

She appreciates the opportunities to prepare PowerPoint presentations and posters: "This experience prepares you for graduate school, because this is how you present your research."