Course Information

Course Participants

While the course is designed to provide undergraduate and graduate college students with the basic field training they need, other interested individuals are welcome to take advantage of this opportunity. In particular, social studies teachers who need to pick up additional graduate hours and motivated students, who are at least 16 years of age, are encouraged to apply. Volunteers and visitors are always welcome to participate in the field school.

Course Basics

The Field School is a 6 credit hour course. The students can choose to take the course for undergraduate or graduate credit in either history or anthropology.

Course Costs

The cost to the student will be $800 for the entire 6 credits. These costs do not include food or lodging (students will purchase their own food and free camping sites will be available). Students may bring personal dig kits, although all necessary equipment will be provided.

Course Dates

The course will consist of 3 ten-day sessions with two 4-day breaks in between.

6/15 - 6/24
6/29 - 7/08
7/13 - 7/22

During the second 4 day break, there usually is an optional field trip to a major archaeological site such as Chaco Canyon, New Mexico

Course Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for this course. An introductory course in anthropology, archaeology, and/or survey would benefit the student. The director and staff will work with each student according to his or her background.

Course Grades

This will be a graded course, A-F. Grades will be assigned based on the degree to which the students master the skills taught, demonstrate an understanding of their appropriate applications, and are able to perform them without supervision. (Don't worry most students do very well in the course.)

Grade Distribution Scale

Students taking the course for graduate credit, in addition to mastering the excavation skills, are expected to write an essay in which they demonstrate knowledge of the theories behind the archaeological techniques they have learned and the general ethics of modern archaeology. This paper will be due on August 31.

The project director and the entire field school staff will evaluate the students on an on-going basis during the field school. They will confer and decide on the final course grades.

Undergraduate grades will be awarded according to the following standards:

A-The student has mastered at least 90% of the skills, can articulate the appropriate use of them, and can perform them without supervision.

B-The student has mastered at least 80% of the skills, can articulate the appropriate use of them, and can perform them with a minimum of supervision.

C-The student has mastered at least 70% of the skills, can articulate the appropriate use of them, but requires moderate amounts of supervision.

D-The student has mastered at least 60% of the skills, can usually articulate the appropriate use of them, but requires continuing supervision.

F-The student has mastered less than 60% of the skills, and/or cannot articulate the appropriate use of at least that number of skills, and/or can never be depended on to perform them without constant supervision.

Graduate grades will be calculated 90% on the same standards and 10% on the required paper.