Internship-Reading Teacher

An internship is required for the Reading Teacher program. It is taken at the end of your cognate course work and will be in conjunction with the Capstone Research Project (CRP) for those seeking the MA degree. The CRP is not required for those who want the RT endorsement only.

Internship Requirements

You are about to open up the Application for Internship which is a required document before you begin logging your intern hours. It was created with Word 97. After you open the document follow these steps to ensure your completed application is submitted to the graduate advisor. 1) Save file as: save the doc to your hard drive (to your desktop is the easiest) for editing 2) Fill in the application: simply click on the lines and type. Use a small font, 11 is good, in order to keep the table fixed. 3) Save and send: save your changes and send as an attachment to the advisor's email listed below.