Student Business - Bookstore Quick Loans

A BOOKSTORE QUICK LOAN (BKQL) is an advance of expected "excess" financial aid. A BKQL may only be used at the ASU Bookstore for the purchase of books and educational supplies.*

Eligibility is generally based on a delayed federal loan disbursement; such as a first-time freshman loan which is subject to a 30-day delay. Students with a single semester loan (i.e. fall only loan) may also be eligible as the second disbursement is made at mid-point of the semester.

Loan terms

  • Maximum loan amount: $500
  • Undergraduate students must be registered for 12 or more hours if aid is full-time
  • Loans must be accepted.  Click to review your financial aid.  Financial Aid
  • Loan counseling must be completed and the promissory note electronically signed by the student. Click take out loans.  Financial Aid
  • Institutional costs (tuition, fees, room and board) must be covered in full; then "excess aid" may be considered for the book loan.
  • Student must meet all other financial aid requirements to receive aid.
  • Available only for students enrolled in on-campus courses.
  • Adams State student must be in good standing

Disbursement of Funds

Students must apply in person with the One-Stop Cashier in the Student Union Building. After the application is approved, a voucher is issued for use at the ASU Bookstore.

*In most instances, students who have satisfied aid requirements will receive refunds or "excess aid" quickly and expeditiously through Bank Mobile Disbursements.

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