Enable encryption on your PC, laptop, thumb drive or other data storage device.

Encryption is an important tool that can be installed on your computing device to safeguard sensitive information from unauthorized access. When files are encrypted, only the password holder will be able to legibly display those files, anyone else who opens the files will see a bunch of garbled characters. Encrypting files on laptops, for instance, protects that information from potentially devastating consequences if that laptop is lost or stolen.

If a device is owned by Adams State University, have a Computing Services technician download and install the encryption software. If a device is personally owned, follow the self service links below to install the software. Contact the Computing Services helpdesk at 587-7741 to schedule an appointment.

Encrypt files on my device using TRUECRYPT

  1. Tutorial and user information
  2. Download TRUECRYPT software

When downloading, choose the latest stable version. When installing, we recommend installing the "TwoFish" encryption algorithm.


At the present time no password recovery is available. If a TRUECRYPT pass phrase is forgotten Computing Services will not be able to recover the encrypted data. Backup all important data and keep a copy of important passwords in a secure location such as a Password Gorilla password store, wallet, or locked file cabinet.

Apple OSX

TRUECRYPT currently works with Linux and Windows systems. A version for Macintosh may become available in the future, however the Mac 10.X systems have a built in encryption feature that you can employ. Click on either of the links below for a tutorial to set up file encryption.