Early College Scholarship

Earn a $1000 Early College Scholarship at Adams State University after completing 15 or more credits as a high school student!

  • Student must complete a minimum of 15 semester hours with grades of C- or higher.
  • Fifteen (15) hours of credit must be from Early College, HS Concurrent, and/or College @ HS programs.
  • Scholarship to be used for first year after high school graduation as a first-time, full-time student on campus at Adams State University.
  • Scholarship is non-transferable to another institution of higher education.


Financial Aid Information

High school students are not eligible to receive state or federal financial aid. After high school graduation, students must be enrolled as a degree-seeking student with Adams State University in order to receive financial aid.

Mark your calendar: High school students who will be incoming freshmen in the fall can apply for Adams State scholarships by March 1.