Classified Employees Council

The Classified Employee Council is the advocacy group for Classified Employees at ASU. They also perform community service initiatives.

All Classified Employees are welcome at any CEC meeting or function. The Council is here to serve you.

A few words about Jeff Cook  

From Peggy Dunn: "It was a pleasure to serve with Jeff on the Classified Employee Council. He was so willing to dig his heels in and get the job done, even to the point of going above and beyond. He didn’t like to be in the spotlight, so, he would often be quietly doing the work in the background.

Jeff could be found delivering Christmas gift cards to the needy campus community, manning the booth of the Parent Gift packages to their students, setting up and tear down of the annual Valentine auction and most of the work of the Holiday Craft Fair. Jeff didn’t receive a lot of public recognition, but he seemed to feel personal satisfaction knowing that he was helping the Classified Employees and many other individuals throughout the campus and community."

From Eileen Tilton: "I worked with Jeff Cook several years on the Craft Fair with taking posters to Blanca and Fort Garland.  He was very much involved in this endeavor as a fundraiser for the CEC. His hard work and dedication was exceptional. His enthusiasm would get everyone’s spirits up for success. Jeff would assist everyone with their booths, tables, chairs, making sure they had power if needed, and placement.  It was a fun time and he’ll surely be missed."

His obituary.

The Classified Employees Council announces the following CEC Scholarship recipients:

Fall 2014 (Dependents)
  • Nathan Russell $600
  • Sarah Ehrlich $600
  • Sylvia Vigil $600
  • Dariana Roybal $600

Spring 2015

  • Nathan Russell $600
  • Sarah Ehrlich $600

Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 CEC

Educational Grant

  • Lorraine Aragon $200

Classified Employee Council Members

  • President:
    Leslie Widger, School of Business x7161
  • Vice-President:
    Brenda Wilson, Housing x7227
  • Secretary:
    Barbara Griego-Jones, HPPE x7208
  • Treasurer:
    Bennie Chacon, Business Office x7760
  • Sergeant at Arms:
    Rodney Martinez, Facilities Services x8158
  • Scholarship Liaison:
    Mitch Vigil, Facilities Services x7951
  • Webmaster for CEC:
    Patti Ortiz, Computing Services x7031
  • Statewide Liaison:
    Leslie Widger
    Rodney Martinez
  • Cabinet Representative:
    Leslie Widger, President