Environmental Projects

Trash is trash, right? Not necessarily so. With the fast rate of technology changes, "technotrash" has become a worldwide problem. Few laws are in place governing how technology waste is handled. The impact of the amount of trash generated by computers and their accessories on the environment is not yet known. It is up to us, as consumers, to dispose of technotrash in a responsible way.

ASU Community Partnerships has contracted with an outside company to safely and securely dispose of certain types of technotrash. This new partnership allows for Community Partnerships to arrange for the recycling of inkjet cartridges, laser toner cartridges, cell phones, iPods, and laptops. Please call us for more detail at 719-587-8209.

Plastic caps must be taken off plastic bottles and those caps are not easily recycled (typically #5 plastic). ASU Community Partnerships is collaborating with Aveda corporate plastic cap recycling program to solve this problem. We plan to coordinate the creation of a sculpture out of the plastic caps (re-use) from the first batch of caps, to raise awareness of the issue, and then send it to Aveda for recycling. Save your caps and drop them off at ASU Community Partnerships (corner of Main & Edgemont Streets)

ASU Community Partnerships developed the "Plastic or Planet?" program not only to raise consumers' awareness about plastic consumption but to raise funds that will leverage additional funding for environmental projects. Our staff members have developed a marketing plan that is designed to remind people to "recycle, re-use and re-purpose".

City Market in Alamosa have agreed to sell the bags at their store and offer a rebate for promoting use of those bags back to ourselves and EARTH. Adams State University's administration has purchased a reusable bag for every ASU employee. Other corporate sponsors are being sought. For more information on the program call ASU Community Partnerships at (719)587-8209.

To follow are useful links for items to recycle:

Computers: Southern Colorado Recycling
1405 Quartz Road
Pueblo, CO 81008

Off of I-25 on Eden Exit (exit 104). Call for more specific directions and hours.

Small fees are charged for recycling services.