President Svaldi on Diversity & Inclusiveness

At Adams State University, we value an inclusive environment that engenders a spirit of openness, understanding, collaboration, and mutual respect. We seek continual improvement in diversity throughout the university.

We see diversity as a concept broader than what is visible or measurable, one that includes diverse ways of knowing, and different value systems and ideas, as long as such ideas are expressed in a spirit of mutual respect. As is always the case under conditions of inclusivity, some tensions may develop as differences come to be understood. But our unique strength comes from a conviction that dynamic energy produced by diversity and differences will contribute positively to the learning process.

With this commitment to honoring diversity in mind, we must continuously review our learning strategies to find new and innovative ways to create learning opportunities and supportive student services. We must also rigorously assess those strategies to assure they contribute to the university's goals for student learning, as well as faculty and student scholarship.