Bachelor of Arts Degree:
English/Liberal Arts

All requirements for the distance degree program are the same as those for the same degree on campus. Distance degree program students are subject to all Adams State policies, deadlines and graduation requirements, except where noted.

  • You will be required to complete 30 Adams State semester credits which may be met by completing approved Adams State Distance Learning courses listed on the website or other publications.
  • Course credits earned through the distance degree program are entered on the student record without distinction between on-campus and off-campus courses.
  • Adams State credits earned in off-campus courses are considered to be the same as those earned in on-campus courses for the purpose of meeting residency or other requirements in degree programs of the institution.

Writing Proficiency 

All students must submit a writing portfolio to the Department Chair by the end of the seventh week of the next-to-last semester prior to graduation.

B. A. Degree: English/Liberal Arts

  1. Successful completion of general studies requirements for B. A. Degree (38 hours total)
  2. Successful completion of the degree program below (39 hours total)
  3. Electives (43 hours total)

Core English/Liberal Arts Courses (required):

  • ENG 210: The Study of Literature (3 hours)
  • ENG 226: Basic English Grammar (3 hours)
  • ENG 363: Advanced Composition (3 hours)
  • ENG 403: Shakespeare (3 hours)
  • ENG 394: American Literature I (3 hours)
  • ENG 480: Contemporary Literary Theory (3 hours)
  • ENG 495: Senior Seminar (3 hours)

Choose one of the following (required):

  • ENG 309: English Literature I: Beowolf-Trans Write (3 hours)
  • ENG 407: Chaucer (3 hours)
  • ENG 409: Renaissance Literature (3 hours)

Choose one of the following (required):

  • ENG 310: English Literature: Romance to Modern (3 hours)
  • ENG 350: 20-21st Century Brit/Anglophone Literature (3 hours)
  • ENG 450: Romantic & Victorian Literature (3 hours)

Choose one of the following (required):

  • ENG 395: American Literature II (3 hours)
  • ENG 443: 20th Century American Novel (3 hours)
  • ENG 458: Reading Poetry (3 hours)
  • ENG 475: Problems in American Studies (3 hours)

Choose one of the following (required):

  • ENG 311: World Literature I (3 hours)
  • ENG 358: Bible as Literature (3 hours)
  • ENG 359: Mythology (3hours)

Choose one of the following (required):

  • ENG/THTR 255: Women and Drama (3 hours)
  • ENG 312: World Literature II (3 hours)
  • ENG 365: Ethnic & Minority Literature (3 hours)
  • ENG 375: Chicano Literature (3 hours)
  • ENG 385: Women and Literature (3 hours)

Choose one of the following (required):

  • ENG 355: The Novel (3 hours)
  • ENG 460: Reading Short Prose (3 hours)
  • ENG/THTR 465: Modern Drama (3 hours)
  • ENG/THTR 470: Classical Drama (3 hours)
  • ENG/THTR 472: Contemporary Drama (3 hours)
  • ENG/THTR 490: Major Authors (3 hours)
  • ENG 479: Special Topics (3 hours)
  • ENG 357: Introduction to Linguistics (3 hours)

Electives: (43 credits)

Degree must include 42 upper division (300/400 level) semester-hour credits. Electives may be approved transfer credits or courses taken from Adams State. Electives are credits that are required but not used elsewhere in the degree program.

Students must complete one semester of a world language at the 200 level or higher (3 hours). A portfolio of the student’s work in the major must be submitted during the senior year. Guidelines for assembling the portfolio and deadlines for submission are available from the department head or the major advisor.

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