Bachelor of Arts in History and Political Science with Emphasis in Political Science Degree Requirements

All requirements for the distance degree program are the same as those for the same degree on campus. Distance degree program students are subject to all Adams State policies, deadlines and graduation requirements, except where noted.

  • You will be required to complete 30 Adams State semester credits which may be met by completing approved Adams State Distance Learning courses listed on the website or other publications.

  • Course credits earned through the distance degree program are entered on the student record without distinction between on-campus and off-campus courses.

  • Adams State credits earned in off-campus courses are considered to be the same as those earned in on-campus courses for the purpose of meeting residency or other requirements in degree programs of the institution.

Writing Proficiency

Completed by the submission of three graded papers to the Chair along with a newly written analysis of the submissions.

B. A. HAPS Degree: Political Science Emphasis

  1. Successful completion of general studies requirements for B. A. Degree (38 hours total)
  2. Successful completion of the degree program below (36 hours total)
  3. Electives (46 hours total)

Core HAPS Courses (required):

  • POLS 291: American Government (3 hours)
  • HIST 202: U. S. History to 1865 (3 hours)
  • HIST 203: U. S. History since 1865 (3 hours)
  • HGP 471: Senior Seminar (3 hours)

24 hours with at least three hours from each of the following fields:

Political Theory:

  • POLS 436: American Thought (3 hours)
  • POLS 466: Ancient Political Theory (3 hours)
  • POLS 467: Modern Political Theory (3 hours)
  • POLS 379: Topics in Political Theory (3 hours)
  • POLS 479: Topics in Political Theory (3 hours)

American Politics:

  • POLS 303: Current Political Issues (3 hours)
  • POLS 306: Elections and Voting Behavior (3 hours)
  • POLS 351: Cong./Pres./Pub. Pol (3 hours)
  • POLS 358: Public Opinion/Soc. (3 hours)
  • POLS 385: Politics and Media (3 hours)
  • POLS 429: Constitutional Law and Civil Liberties (3 hours)
  • POLS 430: Constitutional Law; Civil Liberties (3 hours)
  • POLS 379: Topics in American Government (3 hours)
  • POLS 479: Topics in American Government (3 hours)

Comparative Politics:

  • POLS 307: Introduction to World Government (3 hours)
  • POLS 308: Pacific Rim/21st Century World (3 hours)
  • POLS 325: Political Movements in Latin America (3 hours)
  • POLS 393: Women, Politics, and Culture (3 hours)
  • POLS 379: Topics in Comparative Government (3 hours)
  • POLS479: Topics in Comparative Government (3 hours)

World Politics:

  • POLS 300: Introduction to World Politics (3 hours)
  • POLS 301: Change Dynamics of International Relations (3 hours)
  • POLS 468: U. S.-Latin American Relations (3 hours)
  • POLS 379: Topics in International Relations (3 hours)
  • POLS 479: Topics in International Relations (3 hours)

Electives: (46 credits)

Degree must include 42 upper division (300/400 level) semester-hour credits. Electives may be approved transfer credits or courses taken from Adams State. Electives are credits that are required but not used elsewhere in the degree program.

HGP Senior Assessment:

Successful completion of Senior Assessment procedures (70% average or higher).

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