Faculty and Staff Web Pages

 (Need an official ASU web page created or updated? Contact Creative Relations)

Want your own web page? Here are the three options:

1. WordPress

  • We can provide you with an ASU-themed WordPress site. It can be a blog... or so much more!
  • Need more info on WordPress? Contact Mike Henderson at x7684 or:

2. Google Sites

  • Click on "Sites" located top left of your Google Calendar page. You can create a site in minutes.

3. Make your own site from scratch

  • Access: SFTP
  • FTP host: faculty.adams.edu
  • Host directory: /public_html
  • Login: username (this is your standard user account)
  • Password: ASU password (this is the password you chose with your standard user account)
  • Make sure to use the SFTP setting!

Now What?

NOTE: We are unable to provide technical support or html editing software for individual faculty/staff pages.