The Cabinet is the primary planning body of the university. The Cabinet is responsible for setting the strategic vision of the University and writing its strategic plan. It reviews and recommends approval of other major planning and policy documents to the university president.

Members have the responsibility of serving as a communication link between Cabinet and respective units. This communication, which must be reciprocal, involves anticipating issues, seeking perspective and advice, and sharing information before and after decisions are made.

Meetings are held monthly and chaired on a rotating basis by members of the Executive Council.


Cabinet Membership

  • University President – Dr. Beverlee J. McClure
  • VP for Administration and Finance - Kurt Cary
  • Assistant VP for Administration and Finance – Ms. Heather Heersink
  • VP for Academic Affairs – Dr. Christopher Gilmer
  • Assistant VP for Academic Affairs – Ms. Margaret Doell
  • VP for Student Services – Mr. Kenneth Marquez
  • Assistant VP for Student Services – Mr. Eric Carpio
  • Director of Marketing and Enrollment Management – Karla Hardesty
  • Director of Human Resources – Ms. Tracy Rogers
  • Foundation Rep. – Ms. Tammy Lopez
  • Alumni Rep. – Ms. Lori Laske
  • Assistant VP Extended Studies Academics – Mr. Walter Roybal
  • Assistant VP Extended Studies Operations – Ms. Judy Phillips
  • Athletic Rep. – Ms. Dianne Lee
  • CIO – Mr. Kevin Daniel
  • Director of Facilities Services – Mr. Scott Travis
  • Faculty Senate President – Dr. Ed Crowther
  • Academic Council Rep. – Dr. Mark Manzanares
  • Nielsen Library Rep. – VACANT
  • Director of Creative Relations – Mr. Mark Schoenecker
  • AS&F President – Mr. Patrick Cleary
  • Classified Employee Council Rep. – Ms. Jacqueline Martinez
  • Contingent Faculty Rep. – Jess Gagliardi
  • Community for Inclusive Excellence, Leadership, and Opportunity (CIELO) Liaison – Carol Guerrero-Murphy
  • CO WINS Rep. – Ms. Patti Ortiz