Local Faith Communities


Mark Swart (local contact)

email: markswart.co@gmail.com


Crestone Mountain Zen Center

2000 East Dreamway, Crestone, CO 81131



Julie Mordecai (community contact)
email:  mordecai@gojade.org
12 Cottonwood Place

Joel Korngut (on campus)


S. Masood Ahmad (on-campus contact)

email: masoodahmad@adams.edu


Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 

"A liberal, non-creedal community that honors reason, dialogue and personal experience."

Sundays at 10:30am

Located at:

Alamosa Presyterian Church

  • 514 Main Street
  • Alamosa, CO

Contact: Jan Oen

  • Email: jan.oen@juno.com

Alamosa Church of Christ

“Where friends meet and worship!”

  • Sunday Worship @ 10:30 - 11:30a.m
  • Devotional @ 1:00 - 2:00
  • Dinner & Discussion Tuesday Night @ 6pm
  • Bible Study Wednesday 7:00pm
  • Healing Hearts @ 7pm

Located at:

  • 408 Victoria Street
  • 719-589-4236

Alamosa Christian Reformed Church

A Community who deeply cares for one another and the community around them.”

Worship Services

  • Sunday 9:00am (Bible Study)
  • Sunday 10:15am

Located at:

1861 Country Road 10 S. (in Waverly area)

Alamosa, CO 81101


Rev. Allen Deters, Pastor

e-mail:  allen@alamosacrc.com

Alamosa Presbyterian Church

“We love and welcome ASU students!”


Sunday Worship 10:30am

Located at:

330 San Juan Ave.

Alamosa, CO


Phone: 719-589-4384

e-mail: 1church@alampres.org

Alamosa United Pentecostal Church

Worship Services

  • Sunday 11:00am
  • Tuesday 7:30pm (Bible Study)

Located at:

 184 E. 2nd Street

Alamosa, CO 81101


Rev. Carl Sutter

Phone: 719-589-0475

Anabaptist Fellowship (Mennonite)

“Grounded in the Mennonite tradition, we seek to be a welcoming and open community of faith, living as peace builders in the way of Jesus Christ.”

The Anabaptist Fellowship of Alamosa is a small church fellowship that has been meeting in Alamosa since September 2010. The fellowship meets Sunday afternoons for informal worship that is largely young-adult driven and includes singing, scripture, discussion, and prayer, followed by a simple meal. 

Join us Sunday evenings at 4:30 pm, Alamosa Presbyterian Church, 330 San Juan Ave., Alamosa. We meet upstairs in the north end of the building.

  Contact: alamosafellowship@gmail.com or find us on Facebook 

To learn more about Mennonites in contemporary society, visit www.thirdwaycafe.com/menno

College Heights Baptist Church

A friendly, caring church providing Bible-based worship and fellowship.”

Sunday Worship Service @ 11:00am

Sunday School 9:30am

Located at:

2045 Church Ave (corner of Church & Victoria)

Alamosa, CO 81101


Phone: 719-589-6814

e-mail: chbc4jesuf@yahoo.com

Christian Challenge at ASU

Bible-based discussions and food!!”

Keep posted or contact campusministry@adams.edu for updated information.

Christian Science Society

Worship Services:

Sunday 10:30am

2nd Wednesday of every month @ 7:30pm

Located at:

400 Ross Ave.

Alamosa, CO 81101


Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

There are several Wards in Alamosa as well as the Institute, a student outreach located near the ASU campus across from Nielsen Library.

Contact for Young Adult Ward:

Larry Mortensen

Phone: 719-589-3046

e-mail:  lsmorten@adams.edu

Church of Scientology


Monday & Wednesday 7:00 to 10:00pm

Located at:

511 Main St. #12

Alamosa, CO 81101


Phone: 719-587-5554

e-mail:  doctorgoodbones@gmail.com

The Feed Store Monte Vista

4900 East County Rd 2 South
Monte Vista, CO 81144


Sunday at 9:00 am - 1st Service
Sunday at 11:00 am – 2nd Service
Wednesday at 7 pm – Service
Office Hours
Tues- Thurs. 8:30 am- 4:30 pm

Eli & Angelica Heredia
Youth Pastors

Church Description

None denominational spiritual church.

First United Methodist Church

Traditional and contemporary young-adult friendly worship”

Sunday Services @ 8:00am and @ 10:15am

Located at:

2005 Mullins Avenue (Across from ASU soccer field)

Alamosa, CO 81101


Rev. Nancy Mead, Pastor

Phone: 719-589-2243

Email: fumc@fone.net

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Meeting Services

  • Tuesday 7:30pm
  • Sunday 10:00am

Located at:

10922 E. US Highway 160

Alamosa, CO 81101

General Contact: 719-589-2108

Living Water Bible Fellowship

The church has two worship services on Sundays and a strong FCLA program for college athletes as well as for non-athletes. The church invites college students to take part in all activities and serve in its various programs. Traditional and contemporary music.

Located at:

2910 Clark St. (near Wal-Mart)

Alamosa, CO 81101


Pastor Geron Parkins

Phone: 719-589-6351

e-mail: lwbf@gojade.org

General e-mail:  office@livingwateralamosa.org

River of Life Assembly of God

Bible-based with relevant, contemporary worship in a casual setting.”

Sunday Worship @ 10:00am

Wednesday Worship @ 7:00pm

Located at:

2602 Clark St.

Alamosa, Colorado


Pastor Patrick Divine

Phone: 719-589-3636

e-mail: riveroflife@bresnan.net

Sacred Heart Catholic Church

“A richly diverse parish that blesses and celebrates all of life.”

Mass schedule:

Saturday - 5:15 pm and 7:00 pm (Spanish)

Sunday – 8:00 am (Bilingual Spanish/English); 10:30 am and 5:00 pm (Youth & Young Adult)

Weekdays – 7:00 am in Buswell Chapel (building behind church)

Tuesdays – 4:30 pm in Buswell Chapel

Visit Sacred Heart Web Page or Facebook Page for calendar of parish events & feast days

Located at:

715 4th St. (across from Courthouse)

Alamosa, CO 81101


Rev. Kenny Udumka, Pastor

Phone: 719-589-5829

e-mail: sacredheartchurch81101@gmail.com

On ASU campus:

· Newman Club – April Eng, Pres. Email: engae@grizzlies.adams.edu

· On-campus Masses, retreats, Alternative Spring Break, faith sharing, socials & more

Located at: United Campus Ministry, SUB Room 119

Contact: Shirley Atencio, campus minister., Phone: (719) 587-7516; email: campusministry@adams.edu

San Luis Valley Baptist Church

Worship Services:

Sunday School 10:00am

Sunday 11:00am and 6:00pm

Wednesday 7:00pm

Located at:

930 State Ave.

Alamosa, CO 81101


Pastor McDonald

Phone: 719-480-4966

Seventh-day Adventist Church

”Truth seeking, vibrant congregation, open fellowship worship"

Visit our web page!

Located at:

Clark & Foster

Alamosa, CO 81101


Pastor Jim Moon

Phone: 719-589-2772

e-mail: disciplemakingdisciple@gmail.com

St. Thomas the Apostle Episcopal Church

A welcoming church for seekers of all varieties.”

Website: episcopalchurch.org

Located at:

607 4th Street

Alamosa, CO 81101


Erin Smith

e-mail: zapata@gojade.org

Trinity Lutheran Church

Worship Services:

Sunday 10:00am

8:45am Bible Study

Located at:

52 El Rio Dr. (across Coronado Hall)

Alamosa, CO 81101


Rev. Karl Wright, Pastor

Asst. Preacher: Griff Pritchard

Phone: 719-589-4611

e-mail:  tlcalmco@yahoo.com