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Who are we? We're the full-time staff who work tirelessly to make your life more enjoyable at Adams State University.

You will receive a quality education at ASU both in the classroom and through your co-curricular involvement in campus life. The later is where we come in.

Our goal is to provide you with quality programs and services that positively influence your learning and personal development. We work with an open door policy so that we're accessible when you need us.

We invite you to stop by one or all of our many offices so we can connect you with the student organizations and activities that will best meet your individual needs.

Aaron Miltenberger

Director of Student Life and Leadership

Aaron Miltenberger has no idea how he got into Student Life as a career, but he is pretty sure he likes it. After fifteen years of working with marginal populations and at-risk youth, Aaron decided to change the direction of his work and use the creative energy and skills he developed in non-traditional educational settings to benefit the students at Adams State.

As part of his diverse background, he has worked to develop educational curriculum for state delinquent youth programs, delivered addresses to audiences over 3,500 persons, taught Leadership Development for the Thousand Points of Light programs, and made fire by rubbing two sticks together. What that means for the students of ASU is simple--fun times abound with Aaron around!

Aaron lives in Alamosa on a two acre organic farm and can be found chasing his flock of free range chickens or selling fresh produce at the local farmers market with his wife and son.


  • Bachelor of Arts from Hanover College
  • Masters of Arts in Higher Education Administration and Leadership

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Jeni Carter

Jeni Carter

Assistant Director of Student Life & Leadership

Jeni believes it is not just academics, but the journey and experiential opportunities throughout college that educate students. Her passion is to make college an inclusive, diverse, engaged, and FUN place to be for ALL students through offering engaging experiences, and empowering students to be their most awesome self academically, professionally, and personally.

It was through Student Life that she found her passion and career, and now she works to be the college Student Life advisor who hopes to empower other students in discovering their own niche through being actively involved in their college education.

As part of her diverse Higher Education experience, Jeni interned as a graduate student at Adams State University as the Assistant Advisor for AS&F and also at the campus Counseling and Career Center. After graduating with her Master's degree in 2012, she created and implemented a new Student Life department at another college in the area. She is very excited to return to Adams State University as a member of the Student Life team!


  • Bachelor of Science: Business Administration/ Management
  • Master of Arts: Counseling and an Emphasis in Higher Education Student Affairs

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Curt Howell

Assistant Director of Adventure Programs and Leadership

Elvie R. Conley

Assistant Director of Recreation and Intramural Sports