Meet the Staff

Lis Tomlin, MA, NCC, LPC
Director, Counseling and Career Center

Lis Tomlin is the Director of Counseling & Career Services at Adams State University. A Licensed Professional Counselor, Lis practices from a feminist frame of reference and she also provides clinical supervision to the graduate assistants who work in Counseling & Career Services. Lis is both an Applied Suicide Intervention Skills (ASIST) trainer and SafeTALK trainer. She also facilitates Safe Zone (LGBTQ+ awareness and ally) trainings for the campus and community. Lis is an adjunct instructor for the graduate program of Counselor Education. Her background includes working in diverse settings, including jails, private practice, residential, non-profit, substance abuse treatment, and trauma-informed care. Lis is also a nationally certified counselor (NCC) and trained EMDR therapist. Outside of her work at ASU, Lis sees clients in a private practice setting in Alamosa.

Jessica Chacon
Intern, Counseling Center

Jessica Chacon is finishing her last year of the Master’s program in Clinical Mental Health Counseling here at ASU. Jessica received her BS in Kinesiology from Colorado Mesa University and has been a Certified Yoga Teacher for two years. Jessica believes that change is a gradual process that exists throughout one’s lifespan and believes that her compassion, supportive and accepting nature will create space for people to experience trust and their truth. Jessica holds firm in the belief that one must be open to experience, in order to respond and adjust to change. Lastly, she believes that humans have all of the internal tools, knowledge and potential they need to live a happy and healthy life but it’s a process to obtain that awareness.

Tami Blumenthal
Intern, Counseling Center

Tami Blumenthal integrates a whole body – whole mind approach to wellness through integrative holistic counseling. Always interested in how individuals are influenced by their macro and micro environments, she believes that the process of releasing emotional pain; gaining insight; changing core beliefs; and deepening one’s spiritual evolution are completely intertwined. She relates with clients through empowering stabilization, integration and transformation.

Clint Nicholson
Intern, Counseling Center

Clint Nicholson is now completing the last year of his Master’s Degree Program in Clinical Mental Health Counseling here at Adams State University and received his Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. Clint’s primary focus in counseling is Drug and Alcohol abuse and addiction; however, Clint is trained to provide excellent therapeutic support to diverse individuals struggling with any number of mental health or behavioral concerns. From a therapeutic standpoint, Clint recognizes the importance of nurturing relationships in achieving positive mental health and the impact of the social and multicultural environment on one’s overall wellness. Clint emphasizes the importance of unconditional positive regard and acceptance of every individual, championing the unique, authentic nature of each person and advocating for a society in which individual differences are recognized as opportunities rather than barriers.

Stephanie Traub
Practicum Student, Counseling Center

Stephanie Traub is a first year graduate student in the Clinical Mental Health program here at Adams State. She feels that learning about oneself is pertinent in achieving success and happiness in life. Stephanie believes a strong counselor-client relationship built with safety and trust is necessary to foster personal development and sometimes asking for help is the hardest part so just walking into the office is the beginning of success. Her therapeutic approach involves the idea of client empowerment to make changes and further develop the skills that we already possess to help encourage personal growth.

Jeff Farmer
Practicum Student, Counseling Center

Jeff Farmer is a former high school teacher, college professor and consultant who is moving into the counseling profession. He believes that all people have, or can find, the resources to address their own problems in their own way, but that we all need some support from time to time. Counseling is meant to be both a respectful conversation and a healing experience, designed to support change, growth and well-being. He has special interests in addiction, particularly behavioral addictions, and in trauma and traumatic stress. Jeff is being trained in and uses a variety of counseling modalities and approaches (such as client-centered, psychoeducation, focused relaxation, etc.) to assist those he works with. He emphasizes that each session is unique, because every aspect of a person’s culture, beliefs, experiences and identities is a valuable and important part of the solution.

Lisyuri Gallardo
Practicum Student, Counseling Center

Lisyuri Gallardo moved in 2009 from Venezuela to do her undergrad at Metropolitan State University. She graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and worked as a Tobacco Navigator for 2 years at SLVH. Lisyuri is waiting to be approved as a Certified Addictions Counselor II. Lisyuri’s passion is to help clients flourish in their life by providing a highly personalized approach tailored to their needs. She believes that there is never a wrong time or wrong reason to seek therapy, as everyone needs support in their lives. Lisyuri's interest in counseling is to help individuals and families to gain understanding of one's underlying conflicts and patterns so they can develop healthier personal relationships, increased self-esteem and better coping skills throughout life.

Monica Brown
Practicum Student, Counseling Center

Monica Renae Brown graduated from Georgia State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and is currently studying Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Adams State University. Monica's interests include human sexuality and issues surrounding multicultural adjustment. She believes everyone deserves a safe space to nurture their individuality and overall well-being. Monica is also interested creating supportive relationships that lead to progressive changes.

Paige Rutkowski
Practicum Student, Counseling Center

Paige Rutkowski is a humanistic counselor in training whose methods focus on self-development, growth and responsibility. Paige seeks to aid individuals in recognizing their strength, creativity and choice in the here and now. She enjoys using narrative methodology to assist clients in viewing their lives in different ways. Paige obtained her undergraduate degree in Interarts Performance from the University of Michigan. She loves living in Colorado and enjoys making art, hiking and playing with her dog in her spare time.

Adriana de Raet
Practicum Student, Counseling Center

Adriana de Raet is a bilingual (Spanish-English) PhD student in the Counselor Education and Supervision Program at ASU. Adriana believes in meeting each client where they are at and working to find the best possible treatment approach with the client. The goal of her practice is to help students achieve balance in their lives by undergoing desired changes, learning new skills, and developing a deeper understanding of themselves and others. Adriana uses a variety of treatment strategies including cognitive behavioral therapy, solution-focused, and mindfulness practices. She believes in the importance of the mind-body connection, and utilizes relaxation and mindfulness techniques in her clinical work.