Workshops & Outreach

The Counseling Center Outreach Program has three primary goals:

The first goal is to serve other campus departments through a systems approach. This approach emphasizes gearing interventions towards groups of people which comprise the immediate environment rather than the person identified as the client. The immediate environment may consist of the person, the primary group, the association group, and the institution. This approach primarily relies on training and organizational interventions.

The second goal is to encourage collaboration between departments as an effective use of staff resources and as a way to strengthen the philosophy of community within the university. Collaboration may occur through program development, training, organizational development, and task force and committee meetings.

The third goal is to ensure the delivery of quality services to the campus community. This involves monitoring the delivery of services through an evaluative process and providing the Counseling Center staff with training and consultation that will enable them to develop the ability to deliver efficient and competent consultation services.