Mentoring Application- Student Form

First-generation college students face difficulties that continuing-generation students do not. They often lack effective support and knowledgeable help from their families as they negotiate the culture and demands of college life.

Our purpose is to bring them in contact with people who have walked the path that they are walking, who can help them overcome the isolation and confusion of the freshman experience of life at college, and can help them recognize that they indeed belong here at ASU.

We look to the mentors for help and direction in three areas:

  • Adapting to the life and work of a college student.
  • An introduction to the rich volunteer/community life of a college graduate.
  • An introduction to the professional network and work environment of a college graduate.

The Expectations for Students

  • Take a long view of the mentoring program. It was created for both long- and short-term benefit. It should help you navigate the swirling currents of your first year, but also give you some insight into how this all looks from the other side of the turmoil, and what sort of rewards and results may be anticipated from your successful adaptation to the demands of college life.
  • Keep appointments that you make.
  • Stretch yourself to fully participate in any situations into which your mentor leads you.