Finish Your Degree Faster with Summer Classes

All Students (Undergrad & Grad) pay In-State Tuition for Summer!

Class Sessions are on-going through-out Summer:

For undergraduate students, summer session is a great opportunity to pick up a few more credits and graduate on time.

For teachers and counselors in graduate courses, it's a chance to build credentials and meet licensing requirements.

For others, it's a great time to study for personal or professional development.

Current ASU Students

Summer classes can help you Finish Faster. Use summer classes to:

  • Get ahead on:
  • Pick up a few more major classes.
  • Try something new with an elective course.
  • Improve your GPA by retaking courses in which you had poor grades.

Summer classes can save you money by enabling you to complete your graduation requirements sooner. Meet with your advisor to see what options are best for you.

Incoming Freshmen & Newly Admitted Students

Get a jump on your education by starting in summer. Use summer classes to:

  • Get to know the ASU campus.
  • Learn what college classes are all about.
  • Complete developmental math requirements.
  • Take advantage of financial aid options only available to incoming freshmen.

All Students from the SLV

Are you a college student at another institution who is planning to live in the San Luis Valley during the summer?

Think about enrolling in summer classes at ASU. Summer classes can help you Finish Faster anywhere:

  • General Education classes (GT Pathways) will transfer to any public 2 or 4 year school in Colorado.
  • Many general education courses will transfer to other states; check with your home institution to find out how.
  • Enroll in elective classes that interest you.
  • Save money with lower tuition costs while living at home.

Learn more about summer admission, financial aid & course registration