2014 Hilos Summer Institute Celebrating Diversity at ASU

March 2014

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

The Southwestern region of the US will soon have a minority majority population with individuals of Hispanic and Latino descent comprising the minority majority. Additionally, the baby boomers who have comprised a majority of the educated workforce within the US population for the last 50 years are retiring at the rate of 40,000 each month. The US has gone from being the first in the world in percentage of the population with a college degree to 7th and has fallen even further behind awarding so-called STEM degrees. Our future as a country depends upon educating our Hispanic and Latino population so that these individuals can replace retiring boomers and assume leadership roles through the 21st century. The Hilos Summer Institute described here cultivates change within traditional classroom teaching and learning so as to enhance student engagement and especially student success among the Hispanic and Latino student population. With over a decade of experience implementing this model, the wonderful staff, also described in this program, will provide an experience for participants that will assist them in promoting student success and intellectual growth among their underserved and multicultural Latino students.

Have a great Institute!

President Svaldi

Building Leadership for Change

The Institute will be held in San Luis, Colorado for twenty Adams State University Faculty and Staff during July 20 – 24, 2014. This institute is being funded by ASU Title V dollars appropriated by the United States Department of Education for Hispanic Serving Institutions.

Daily seminars will include topics on active teaching/active learning, customer service and the cultural traditions/history of Latinos from the Upper Río Grande Region. The morning schedule will consist of experts in the field of active learning and teaching working with faculty, and experts in the field of customer service working with staff. The afternoon schedule will consist of Latino community experts providing a historical context of the San Luis Valley Latino student.

 Institute Mission

We are committed to developing, improving and promoting student engagement and success for a population of historically under-served and under-represented, multicultural Latino students in higher education. We recognize the value of integrating the cultural and historical foundation of the population of students served. We support Adams State faculty/staff as they develop and maintain leadership, advocacy, consciousness and the change necessary to ensure that those previously under-served and under-represented populations become an active, valued, participatory entity at ASU.

 Institute Vision

Our success is measured by the achievement of the Latino population within the communities surrounding ASU, as well as the realization of their life’s goals. We strive to provide an active, integrated, exemplary experience encompassing the culture and history of the surrounding Latino population in our efforts to promote intellectual growth.

 Institute Outcomes

As pertains to their professional positions, participants will:

  • Expand their knowledge of the history and traditions of multicultural Latino students of the ASU's regional service area.
  • Increase their proficiency in active learning/teaching strategies that support increased achievement among adult learners.
  • Build and expand their efficacy in the implementation of strategies gleaned at the Hilos Summer Institute: Building Leadership for Change.
  • Enhance the implementation of active learning/teaching techniques that increase student engagement.
  • Expand the implementation of best practices in High Performance Organizations that increase student engagement.
  • Increase expertise in meeting the academic needs of multicultural Latino students enrolled at Adams State University.