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Welcome to Student Support Services

Welcome to Adams State Student Support Services program. We are glad you are here! Student Support Services is a grant program funded by the U.S. Department of Education whose mission is to advance and defend the ideal of equal educational opportunity by helping disadvantaged students overcome economic, social, academic, and cultural barriers to higher education.

We incorporate the "SSS Milestones of Success" with five milestones for SSS students. Eligible students may join and proceed through a series of milestones ensuring their success as the SSS staff provides individualized services and monitors progress from start to finish. The milestones include the following:

SSS offers enhanced support services to eligible participants in a one-on-one environment. Students who want access to these services and are eligible may enter the road to success by joining the SSS family.

SSS understands one area of a student's life interacts and affects all other areas. We strive for students' overall and complete success by providing a variety of academic, personal, career, and financial assessments.

Each SSS student has access to the expertise of the SSS staff, working together they will create an action plan that will meet the student's needs and ensure student progress and success.

SSS offers a variety of strategies for student success. We have kept most of our current services and added others. These include tutoring, course advisement, financial aid counseling, academic counseling, graduate program enrollment, and career services.