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Chemistry with Dr. Marty Jones

  • Chemistry Magic Shows for large groups.

  • Hands on activities and lessons for individual classes.

  • Topics include the chemistry of food, polymers/plastics, water, and others.

Experience Robotics with Professor George Sellman

  • Robotics presentations for large groups or individual classes.

  • Lego Robot Workshops for grades 4-8.

Physics/Engineering with Dr. Matt Nehring

  • 45-60 minute presentations for high school audiences include: 

    Subatomic Particles; Exploring Paradoxes in Special Relativity; Rotational Dynamics; and Orbital Mechanics.

  • 2-hour Lego Mindstorm robot workshops:

    Learn fundamentals of robot design, computer programming, and sensor control. 

    Workshops can accommodate up to 16 students and are available for grades 4-8.

Earth Sciences with Dr. Rob Benson

  • Geological Origins and Future of the San Luis Valley

  • World-Class Fossils and Minerals

  • Careers (and jobs!) in Earth Sciences

Biology with Dr. Kristy Duran

Lessons and activities involving:

  • Scientific investigations

  • Design characteristics

  • Structures of plants, animals and fungi

  • Interactions of organisms with each other and the environment